Advanced Technology

To provide our patients with the best dental care possible, we use different types of advanced dental technology. These innovative tools allow us to find issues that are typically more difficult to detect. We can also take digital impressions of your teeth, create detailed images using a digital x-ray, provide more comfortable care, and more.

Our Advanced Technology

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays allow our team to communicate more effectively with patients. We can share clear images immediately after they are taken, which also decreases the time it takes to provide a diagnosis. Digital x-rays are also safer than traditional x-rays, as they emit around 90% less radiation.

Intraoral Cameras

Taking clear images of your mouth is easier than ever with the intraoral camera. This device is about the size of a pen, making it small enough to be completely comfortable for patients. We can discover these issues using the intraoral camera:

  • Damaged fillings
  • Weak teeth
  • Decay that is typically hard to reach or see
  • Plaque deposits

Come see our team at Town Dental Group and take advantage of the amazing technology we use! Call today to make an appointment or to learn more.