Kid’s Dentistry

Going to the dentist is often a big step for your child. At Town Dental Group, we want your child to feel comfortable and to have fun while receiving dental care. We offer service from a team who understands how to make coming to the dentist easier for little ones.

Why Should I Bring My Kids to See a Children’s Dentist?

You may wonder why children’s dentists even exist. Don’t kids need the same cleanings and checkups as adults do?

In reality, dentistry for kids is about prevention and teaching good habits that will stick for a lifetime. We can help your child learn how to take great care of their teeth at home and how to avoid cavities. A children’s dentist can also create a more comfortable and inviting atmosphere to help kids feel better about visiting the dentist.

Here at Town Dental Group, we work hard to connect with our child patients. We understand their unique needs and are prepared to provide the type of care they need.

Dentistry For Kids: Tips for Taking Care of Your Child’s Teeth

Help your child get a kick start on good dental hygiene by following these tips:

  • Brush or clean your child’s mouth twice a day or as needed. Did you know you should start cleaning your child’s mouth even before teeth have erupted? Take a clean, damp cloth to their gums and gently rub to clean out bacteria. After teeth have erupted, use a soft infant toothbrush and a little bit of fluoride toothpaste to brush.
  • Visit the dentist by your child’s first birthday. It may seem silly to bring a child to the dentist when only have a few teeth, but your dentist can provide useful tips, help prevent cavities, and discover about potential issues that could arise in the future.
  • Floss once your child’s teeth are touching. Teeth usually grow closer together between the ages of 2-6. Help your kiddo develop great habits by teaching them how to floss early on!
  • Limit sugary substances. Sugar can be rough on teeth, so avoiding it can help keep your child’s teeth healthier. When your child does have sugar, encourage them to rinse their mouth out with water or brush their teeth afterward.
  • Assist your child with oral care until they are about 6. You may be surprised to learn that children aren’t quite ready to take care of their own teeth until about the age of 6. Continue to help your child learn how to brush and floss teeth effectively until that time.

Our team knows how to help your child in a way that suits them. Call Town Dental Group today to make an appointment with our children’s dentist.