Same-Day Dentures

It is not uncommon to lose some or all of your teeth. This may affect your physical appearance, self-esteem, and ability to do certain things like eating and smiling. However, dentures solve most of these problems. This article discusses some of the significant benefits of dentures and how to care for your dentures. But first, let’s explain what dentures are.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are artificial teeth constructed to replace lost natural teeth. They are made with plastic or composite materials. Porcelain can be added to the composite material to increase its durability.

A patient may have complete dentures if all teeth need replacement or partial dentures if only some teeth are lost. Dentures are easily removable and can also be fixed back easily.

How Are Dentures Made

Having dentures may require several visits to your dentist. Your dentist will examine your mouth on your first visit, explain your options, and let you conclude to have dentures. Whether you have a complete or partial denture, the artificial teeth must fit into your oral cavity and resemble your natural teeth. Therefore, your dentist will need to study your mouth. The doctor will measure your jaw size and record your bite. All these will guide them to prepare dentures that will fit your mouth perfectly.

It is essential to ensure whatever affected your natural teeth does not affect your denture. Therefore, your dentist may ask you about your dental history and investigate the cause of your tooth damage. You may also need a tooth extraction before dentures can be installed. You may schedule another visit for that.

Once all the needed information has been obtained, it will be sent to the laboratory. Clinical Dental Technicians will start preparing the mold at the lab, and the artificial teeth will be prepared. You may need to visit again to test the wax teeth before the final ones are made. During that visit, the Clinical Dental Technician will test if the dentures fit. If not, the necessary adjustment will be made, and another visit will be scheduled. Before your last visit, your dentures would have been made perfect. So, you can return home with a new set of teeth.

Advantages of Dentures

Having dentures may require tooth extraction, several visits to the clinic, and cost you money. However, it is worth all the trouble. Here are some essential benefits of dentures.

It improves Your Facial Appearance

Teeth play a lot of roles in your facial appearance. Even without opening your mouth, their absence can easily be seen as they support the facial muscles. With dentures, you will regain your beauty again. Proper dentures will also improve your smile. Dentures can also be used for beautification purposes. You can make them any color you like to add more beauty to your smile and oral cavity.

Enables You to Eat Properly

We know how much role teeth play in our nutrition. Even though dentures may not be as strong as your natural teeth, they will enable you to eat most of the food that you might not be able to eat when you were without teeth.

It Enhances Better Speech

There is no doubt dentures can improve your speech. Teeth are vital to speech. Without teeth, you may struggle to produce some sounds. However, your sound-producing ability will be restored with dentures.

Increase Confidence

Self-esteem is an essential aspect of our lives. Not many people will be confident of appearing in public with many or all teeth missing. Not only will it affect your speech, but also your confidence to talk in public. You won’t also have the confidence to smile. Even when nobody notices you, it will seem like everyone is focusing on you. But with dentures, you can regain your confidence and self-esteem.

Improve Oral Hygiene

One good thing about dentures is that they can be quickly removed and clean. Therefore, you can take care of them even better than how you take care of your natural teeth. When you remove them, you will be able to brush them properly and remove all food particles wherever they are before returning them. You can also remove them every night when you are about to sleep, soak them in a special solution overnight and fix them back in the morning. This enhances good oral hygiene.

They Are Affordable

As good as dentures are, they are affordable. Of course, the cost will depend on many factors, including the clinic you choose, the number of teeth you need to replace, and the material you prefer for your dentures. However, the average cost won’t go beyond what many people can afford. More importantly, the cost of dentures is covered by many dental insurances.

How to Care for Your Dentures

Most dentures do not last forever. However, you can increase the durability of your dentures by taking good care of them. Plague can build on dentures the way they build on natural teeth. If you allow plaque on your dentures, they may cause gum problems and bad breath. Therefore, you must clean your dentures twice a day to prevent plaque formation. However, do not clean with a hard brush or toothpaste. Instead, use a soft bristle brush, and instead of toothpaste, use a denture solution. Before brushing, rinse the dentures in lukewarm water, then brush and rinse with lukewarm water and clean with a towel. Before you sleep, it is advised that you soak your dentures in a special solution formulated for dentures. Then return them to your mouth in the morning.

Same Day Dentures

As stated early, having dentures may cost you up to five visits to your dentist. However, with same-day dentures, you can eliminate the repeated visit and have your dentures on your first day of visit. This is only possible in a clinic with a laboratory and all equipment needed in one place.

We Can Help You

Whether you want a same-day denture or you are prepared for multiple visits, we can help you. At Town Dental Group, we specialized in oral health. We have dentists and clinical dental technicians that are top experts and with many years of experience. Our pricing is also competitive. Visit us today to enjoy all the benefits of a modern dental clinic.