When is the last time you had a dental check-up? At Town Dental Group in Mint Hill, we recommend having a checkup and cleaning twice a year. It’s the best way to stay on top of your dental health, ensuring that your teeth and gums are in good shape.

Some patients have a higher risk of oral disease. Those who use tobacco or alcohol, eat a lot of sugar, have an eating disorder, have poor oral hygiene practices, or experience medical conditions that impact your mouth, may be in a higher risk category. It is critical to your dental and physical health to have your teeth checked soon.

There are four main reasons you should see us every six months:

  • Oral cancer. We perform oral cancer screenings. Again, early identification leads to the best outcome.
  • Plaque and tartar. We’ll give you a thorough, professional teeth cleaning. This gets the toughest plaque and tartar accumulations. Your toothbrush and dental floss can’t do it all, even with the most committed routine.
  • X-rays. The dental x-rays we take allow us to spots potential problems we can’t see with a visual inspection. Identifying them early is the best way to treat them.
  • Gum disease. Gum disease is preventable, which is one of the reasons why your home dental care routine is so important. Checking your gums in our office every six months is the best way to catch problems early.

The common theme here is prevention. When it comes to your oral health, regular checkups and cleanings is the best way to take care of your teeth and gums. We also provide general and cosmetic dentistry, and have extended evening and weekend hours. Make an appointment with us today.