We are Town Dental Group, located at 6820 Matthews-Mint Hill Rd in Mint Hill. If you are looking for an experienced family dentist, we invite you to come in for a consultation.

Nervous? You Are Not Alone

The very idea of visiting a dentist makes a lot of people anxious. If you are among them, here are a few tips that may help ease you into a routine of regular dental checkups.

Choose a dentist who is appropriate for your needs. If you decide to schedule an appointment with Town Dental Group, we’ll ask you many questions. We want to get to know you, and help you get to know our practice, so you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Knowledge is Necessary for Effective Treatment

Be prepared to provide us with essential information about your lifestyle and health. Many men and women become intimidated in the office environment, and are reluctant to discuss sensitive issues. As your dentist, we need to know your history and everything you are experiencing. Then we’ll be better prepared to help provide the care you expect.

The best way to have a positive experience is to communicate. Let us know what you are experiencing so that we can help you feel more comfortable and secure. If we discover that you are going to need a dental procedure more extensive than filling a cavity, let’s discuss conscious sedation.

At Town Dental Group we provide a wide range of services, including general and cosmetic dentistry. Our staff works to make your dental experience a pleasant one. We’ll do what we can to make you feel comfortable, secure, and among caring friends.